Financial Statements

Typical compilation and review services. We assist in the preparation of financial statements and footnotes. We also help select and interact with auditors in engagements where our Long Island client needs an examination performed on the financial statements. This enables us to be on the client side of the fence and we provide the buffer with the auditors and negotiate the resolution of any issues.
For compiled and reviewed statements, we assist the internal controller or bookkeeper with the preparation of the document if such internal expertise is available at the client.

Financing packages

We assist in the preparation of projections, use of proceeds, business plans, executive summaries, and other documents needed to obtain lending or investment.

Banking relations

We assist in the acquisition of lending and investment banking relationships.

Assistance with client internal systems

Upon engagement of a new client, we typically perform interviews with client staff and perform other evaluation procedures to determine the extent of internal assistance the client needs in their internal accounting functions We attempt to teach the client to perform as much in the way of bookkeeping and compliance type work as possible. This is in our view the most cost efficient way of doing things for most businesses in Long Island, it enables us to submit lower bills as our fees are all based on hourly rates. It is our belief that we should use our judgment in helping the client spend its professional fees prudently and judiciously.